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Bike lane? or not?

Parents picking up or dropping off kids for school, an event, or a summer program often use the bike lane as a loading zone.
Bike lane? or not?

Avoid the Door Zone

By On September 18, 2016

You’re pedaling down the street and notice that someone has parked in the bike lane ahead of you. What do you do? Signal that you’re going to get left, when it’s clear… Read More

N. Howes, near Saint Joseph's school - a bike/parking lane.
Bike lane? or not?

Bike lane? or not? – Howes near St. Joe’s

By On November 20, 2015

I wrote recently about bike lanes that are also, simultaneously, parking areas. I’ve also written about the problem when parking is the default use of a lane. Both of these problems are… Read More

Bike lane? or not?

Bike lane? or not? — Laporte near Taft and Taft near Elizabeth

By On September 11, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I introduced a bike lane over on Cherry Street… where the city has built in handicapped parking, making you wonder if it’s a bike lane or not.… Read More

September 2013
Bike lane? or not?

Bike lane? or not? — Cherry Street, near Mason

By On August 21, 2015

There are several places in town where a street is labeled as having a bike lane, but that bike lane also seems to be something else (often a parking lane).¬†Ambiguity seems to… Read More