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Bicycle History

Historic downtown Fort Collins is one of the most pedestrian and bicyclist friendly parts of town.
Bicycle History

Preserving Bikeability and Walkability by Preserving Historic Buildings

By On May 29, 2017

This article has moved. You can now find it on the Urban Fort Collins website at: http://urbanfortcollins.com/preserving-bikeability/ Preserving Bikeability and Walkability by Preserving Historic Buildings… Read More

Linden Street, early 1900s, Fort Collins, Colorado.
Bicycle History

Road use in early Fort Collins

By On May 13, 2016

Every generation grows up thinking that, for the most part, things behave today much like they always have. So when it comes to transportation issues, we can’t imagine life without a car… Read More

old car
Bicycle Culture

Bicyclists don’t follow the laws! – she said with a straight face

By On September 14, 2015

To the best of our ability, bicyclists need to follow the rules of the road. And I believe that many cyclists do follow the rules, as best they can. But I think… Read More

Cycle Company at Bury  St, Edmunds, Suffolk. 1910. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bicycle_infantry
Bicycle History

Memorial Day Tribute to Cyclists in War

By On May 25, 2015

Though a forerunner of the bicycle was invented around 1820, it wasn’t until the 1880s that the “safety bicycle” was developed and cycling really took off. The French, Germans, and English all began experimenting… Read More