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Blocks in the city of Fort Collins, Colorado, as illustrated by Meg Dunn.

Take a Walk Around a Fort Collins Block

By On February 14, 2017

In the book, Walkable City, Jeff Speck states that “the cities with the smallest blocks are the ones best known for walkability, while those with the largest blocks are known as places without… Read More

New shared road (also called "naked streets") design as found on NACTO's Flickr page.

Shared Spaces and Naked Streets

By On January 25, 2017

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Pullman, Washington, to check out the WSU campus with one of my daughters. A trip like that is an opportunity to compare our… Read More

Top 10 articles on Pedal Fort Collins in 2016
Bicycle Culture

Ten Most Read Articles on Pedal Fort Collins in 2016

By On December 22, 2016

2016 was the first full year that Pedal Fort Collins has been around. In the past year, 7,398 people have viewed the site with a full 77.6% of them being brand new readers… Read More


Providing a Good Bike Rack Can Be a Boon for Your Business

By On October 17, 2016

Small businesses need any advantage they can get in this world of big box stores, online shopping, and chain restaurants. One often undervalued asset for local retailers and service providers is a… Read More

Multimodal Culture

Choose Life

By On August 30, 2016

My daughters are learning to drive. With all three of my kids it seems like learning to drive has meant learning to see the world around them in a way they’ve just… Read More

Example Walk Scores in Fort Collins
Multimodal Culture

The low cost and high value of walkability

By On August 5, 2016

Walking. Everybody does it. But not everybody values it. It’s easy to take for granted. And the thrill of being able to travel faster than the foot holds incredible allure. But in moving… Read More

Front Range Village: Red shows parking, blue shows buildings, orange shows access to parking, purple shows loading access, yellow shows pedestrian access.
Bicycle Culture

Fort Collins’ Parking Problem – with added color coding

By On July 23, 2016

Fort Collins has a parking problem. Parking minimums required by the City mean that we’re paving over substantial amounts of land in order to provide space for vehicles when they’re not in… Read More

The Sams Club, Kohl's, and Clay's Ace Hardware parking lot via Google Earth.
Bicycle Culture

Fort Collins’ Parking Problem

By On July 18, 2016

Fort Collins has a parking problem and it’s evident every time you get in a car and hit the road. Although neighborhood streets aren’t so bad, once you hit an arterial, the congestion is… Read More

Multimodal Culture

Multimodal Culture vs. the Stigma of Not Using a Car

By On July 9, 2016

In talking with friends over the past week, two made comments that stuck in my craw and have been fermenting there ever since. One comment had to do with getting older and being… Read More