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Resource File – A Collection of Articles on Transportation Issues

By On April 26, 2017

This article has moved. You can now find it on the Urban Fort Collins website at: http://urbanfortcollins.com/transportation-articles/ Resource File – A Collection of Articles on Transportation Issues… Read More


I Would Bike To Work, But the Main Roads Are Too Busy.

By On September 13, 2016

Between talking to people around town and seeing bicyclists on streets like N. Shields and Mulberry, I’m convinced that one of the biggest barriers to safe bicycling in Fort Collins is in our… Read More

Bicycle Culture

CSU and Bikes: Registration & U-locks

By On August 15, 2016

My oldest will be a freshman at CSU this year, so I’m learning the ins and outs of how the University educates students about bicycle culture, rules of the road, and precautions to… Read More


Register Your Bike Online

By On July 30, 2016

After a rash of burglaries in our neighborhood a little over a year ago, the Fort Collins police held a meeting in which they explained what was going on, what we should be… Read More

Safe Routes to School in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Safe Routes to School: Behind the Scenes

By On April 4, 2016

Safe Routes to School is a national movement that began at the Federal level in 2006 “to improve the health and well-being of children by enabling and encouraging them to walk and bicycle to… Read More


Keeping Tabs on Large Development Projects (and multi-modal access)

By On January 11, 2016

Complaining about a project and its pedestrian or bike access after it’s built is too late. The best time to suggest improvements is while the project is in development. And in Fort… Read More

RideFC on Twitter is a means of cyclists helping cyclists in Fort Collins, Colorado.

@RideFC – a Way to Crowdsource Information on Local Road/Trail Conditions

By On January 8, 2016

Have you ever set off for your destination only to find your way blocked by construction? And though there were signs indicating which way cars should detour, there wass no such signage for bicyclists… Read More


Connect with the City
through Access Fort Collins

By On November 9, 2015

Glass in the road? Potholes in the bike lane? A poorly timed crosswalk signal? These are all issues that the City wants to be alerted to. And they have a handy tool… Read More

Bicycle Culture

The Power of a United Voice for Cycling

By On November 6, 2015

We all hop on our bicycles for different reasons. Some race. Some ride. Some commute. And some just toodle around here and there when they get the notion. But whatever our reasons,… Read More

Thanks in part to a grant from Kaiser Permanente, all four high schools in Fort Collins now have Bike Fixit Stations.

Bike Fixit Stations – handy local resource

By On October 10, 2015

In our household, we have plenty of bike tools. The problem is finding them. So when I recently wanted to switch out my crummy old bike seat for one that my husband had… Read More