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Redesign of a small strip mall in downtown Fort Collins to make it more pedestrian friendly.

How to make a strip mall more pedestrian friendly

By On January 19, 2017

Olive Street, between College and Mason, used to be a residential block. The Armstrong hotel first opened in 1923, but there were still mansions between downtown and the hotel along College Avenue… Read More

Walmart and City Drug in Fort Collins as seen from Google Streetview
Urban Design

Historically Dense Urban Design Makes (Dollars and) Cents

By On January 9, 2017

Since the 1960s, historic preservationists have been arguing that older, denser buildings should be conserved and reused and that tearing down these buildings to create parking lots was doing damage to the fabric… Read More

The parking around the Whole Foods / King Soopers strip mall is in red. Fort Collins, Colorado.
Urban Design

Parking, Parking, and More Parking

By On November 7, 2016

The city of Fort Collins has a whole lotta parking. In fact, it has so much parking, that any time I want to go anywhere, I can assume that there will be… Read More

A pedestrian promenade is planned for Midtown Fort Collins along the Mason corridor.
Urban Design

Midtown – the Land of Opportunity

By On November 1, 2016

There are problems that Fort Collins is facing that Midtown can solve. Lack of affordable housing — there’s room to build that in Midtown. Increasing congestion and traffic on busy arterials — we… Read More

Houses in Fort Collins and their Walk Scores.
Urban Design

Connecting Housing Price to Walk Score in Fort Collins

By On September 26, 2016

I’ve been reading Jeff Speck’s book, Walkable City, and one thing that he talks about is the relationship between housing prices and how walkable the neighborhoods are that those houses are in.… Read More

The Bucking Horse neighborhood in Fort Collins, Colorado.
Urban Design

The Density of Single Family Neighborhoods in Fort Collins

By On September 10, 2016

In the book, Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time, Jeff Speck describes the built environment as falling into two categories: “walkable urbanism” which is walkable, bikeable,… Read More